Questioning your sexuality can be an extremely confusing and lonely time.  It can be common for people who are questioning their sexuality to battle with feelings of anxiety, fear, or even shame, and worry about how the people in their life will react.

Gender Identity

Having a gender identity which is in conflict with your body is an extremely distressing experience.

The phrase Gender Dysphoria (sometimes known as Gender Incongruence) is more generally used to describe someone who is unhappy with or doesn’t identify with the gender given at birth. Gender Dysphoria simply means dissatisfaction with a person’s assigned gender. It is important to be aware that this is not a pathological condition. Not every person questioning their gender identifies as MTF, FTM, Trans, Transsexual, or Transgender. Some people simply wish to explore their gender identity and find their place on the wide spectrum of possible identities. Whatever the situation, I aim to provide the support needed so that you feel empowered to explore this freely and comfortably.

How can counselling help?

Counselling offers you the safe space to be able to explore your feelings around your sexuality at your own pace and gain an understanding of them that feels right for you. Counselling may also be helpful in dealing with the impacts of homophobic abuse and prejudice of others.