Have things changed within your relationship?

Not quite sure who to talk to?

Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore your relationship to gain some perspective, in a safe, neutral environment, in the hope that you can find a way through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing.

Relationships are a very important part of our lives and can bring us happiness and fulfilment. Positive connections with those around us whether it is our   loved ones, friends, family  or work colleagues will  allow us to be at our healthiest and most productive. relationships provide us all with an important source of conpaninionship love and support.

However, positive relationships don’t always come naturally . They require patience, consideration and hard work, as well as time energy  and commitment to stay strong and endure through tough times throughout our lives.  Sometimes our most meaningful connections break down, for whatever reason, leaving us feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of ourselves and the future.

In some cases, our relationships may not be meeting our expectations, which can, in turn, impact our lives and sense of satisfaction. it is not uncommon for partners to become  distant or disconnected from each other in the hustle as bustle of everyday life.  For others, they may crave companionship yet find It difficult to connect with others.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is the process in which individuals or couples are helped to explore their relationships with others , in the hope of understanding themselves and each other better, while  providing them with insight  and support to reach a more satisfying outcome for both parties.

How can counselling help?

Whatever the relationship issue, counselling can be helpful, whether as a couple, relative, friend  or an individual –  counselling provides you with a safe, neutral and supportive environment that will allow you the opportunity to talk openly about your   concerns and  needs, as well as to explore what you want from your relationship moving forward.

What kind of things can I support you with in your relationship?

  • Improving Communication
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Affairs / betrayal and loss of trust.
  • Roles and expectations within relationships.
  • And more